Nastassia Haroshka age 12 in July, model, actress, flute high level, shark level swimmer, gymnastics, singing with jazz great Nancy Kelly, theater classes with Gerard Moses, fully bilingual English/Russian no accent either, IMDB credit, leads in movies, national commercials, regional commercials, ballet level 4 (pointe).  
Nastassia Haroshka was born in Minsk, Belarus, (a small FSU country next to Ukraine and Lithuania, in much earlier times sometimes called Ruthenia). She modeled for catalogues and publicity photoshoots there at an early age, and was considered photogenic even in this country famous for models. Her mother’s brother is the well-known guitarist and lead singer/composer of “Serdce”, one of the premier fusion bands of Belarus. She came to the USA in October of 2011, and spoke only Russian. In a few years she was fluent in English with no accent, doing modeling, and also local and national commercials, PSAs, photoshoots and speaking movie parts ( in Russian and English). She is bilingual with great skill in either language.   Leads in “Diverge” first prize indie film Paris sci-fi festival, “Rain”, “Agatha’s Room”, and to-be-filmed full feature “Nostalgia” scheduled for Nov 2016.